Are you involved in renting?

If so:

  • Are you SURE you know what sort of tenancy you have?
  • Can you tell whether a section 21 possession notice is correct or not?
  • Do you have someone you can turn to for help?

No?? What you need is:

Tessa Shepperson's ebook on section 21!

Here are a few comments from readers

"Thankfully 99% understandable and plain English" P Cookson, Landlord

"it's precise, easy to read and understand especially to those of us who don't come from a legal background" Jen Martlew, Local Authority Housing Advisor

"First Class, at last we have a book that explains things simply without the usual legal jargon that goes with it" Geoffrey Lee, trustee landlord

"The book will definitely help as following the guidelines will avoid costly mistakes both for Agents and Landlords alike. I think you speak plain english and make things very clear to understand. Joyce FitzGerald, Landlord

Contents include:

  • background information

  • ASTs pre 28 February 1997 and afterwards

  • What happens after the fixed term has ended

  • Saving clauses

  • Service of notices

  • Using section 21 notices

  • Together with a detailed analysis of section 21 itself!

The book is not available just now as Tessa is still analysing the feedback obtained from the recent short 'beta version' launch, but the new amended volume will be on sale shortly.

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Tessa's book on section 21

"a good summary of some difficult areas of procedure" Richard Davis, Solicitor

"Comprehensive and practical guide to section 21" Gusta Glover, Alan Edwards & Co, Solicitors